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Spanish Speaking Customer Support - Outsourcing Service

Spanish Customer Support Outsourcing Service

Imyoo Is Extremely Flexible

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Native Spanish Speaking Staff

Only Native Spanish Speaking Staff
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Record online retail sales in 2021

Due to the Covid 19 virus, most people's shopping behaviour has changed drastically. In order to minimise contact with others, many people now prefer to shop online. This is bringing new record sales to ecommerce, but it also brings new challenges. For many companies, more customers inevitably means more customer support. Nowadays, customers demand quick solutions to any problems that may arise during online shopping. If the company is also active in foreign markets, this applies even more, as international customers, due to time differences, also require customer support outside regular national office hours. Customer service must be available around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for customers in all possible languages.

Own customer service or outsourcing of customer service?

Many companies are thus faced with the critical decision of possibly expanding customer service in-house and hiring additional staff, or possibly outsourcing the entire customer service and only taking care of the core business. If the company decides to completely outsource customer support, Imyoo Call Center Málaga is the right contact for the support of all Spanish-speaking customers.

Why Imyoo?

Imyoo offers companies the complete takeover of inbound customer service for Spanish-speaking customers. By exclusively employing call centre agents whose native language is Spanish, smooth communication with Spanish and South American customers of your company is ensured. Take over the complete and scalable support of clients from Spain and South America in oral and written form according to your specifications.